Berkeley – Part 1

My sweet landlady Janet luckily was ok with my even sweeter girlfriend Deena staying here at her place with me for a while. Deena knows California pretty well, especially Berkeley, where she took me on our first weekend here. And I must say: I have been and am still impressed by Stanford’s campus (and it totally deserves a photo-tour one day), but it is – after all – a rich people’s campus and I find the campus in Berkeley much more likeable. They have bizarre trees,intricate paths and creeks
and lots of open spaces and nice buildings.

The city of Berkeley kinda reminded me of the hippier parts of San Francisco, not only cause of people like this guy:
We mainly just wandered around and ate ridiculously delicious sandwiches at the Brazilian Cafe (which is basically a trailer on the corner of a street with the most colourful decoration), from which I took a picture of this hardware store. Which –  so I was told –  sells literally (or figuratively) everything.
I will just attach a two more pictures from downtown Berkeley. What is worth mentioning apart from all this (and cannot be illustrated with pictures) is the fact, that on this afternoon  we had a highly entertaining hour or so in a T-Mobile store buying a 2G-capable prepaid card for Deena’s iPhone. Happy times…

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