camping at the Yuba river

To go camping in Northern California had been one of Deena’s and my plans all the time. The original plan had – however –  been to do so with Reuben, one of Deena’s friends, who would then also provide camping gear and know the area. It turned out that Reuben preferred to participate in a golf tournament that weekend. He kindly offered his camping equipment to us (I think if he had come, we could have used his Dad’s stuff), consisting of a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad. But that did not even remotely make us reconsider our plans. So we rented a car, packed food and beer in a cooler that Janet generously gave to us and headed out towards the Yuba river. We had found a camping site on the internet, which is not directly at the river, but costs only 5 bucks for the night.
We got lost on the way (pretty badly) and when we finally arrived at the camping site, it was night time, meaning that it was pitch black. Of course all the camping sites were taken, but we were lucky, cause two guys offered to let us join them on their site. They had a fire and everything, we just couldn’t say no. The two guys turned out to be really nice and above all: they were golddiggers! They actually search for and find gold in the Yuba river. They showed us some of their samples and gladly explained to us in detail how it works and how tedious and yet addictive of a hobby it is.
That night, we slept outside without a tent, cause we didn’t have one. It was allright, only a little cold.
The only pictures I took that day were of the stars in the sky. I had to focus manually and totally screwed up, but here’s one anyway:
The next day (it was really hot) we went to hang out and swim at the river. The two gold-guys explained us,  where to find the best spot to swim, but forgot to mention, that the trail they kept talking about was not on the same side of the river as the one where we parked the car. So we climbed over rocks and took like two hours to get to the place. But it was totally worth it: the Yuba river every now and then opens up into pools, where there is hardly any current and which can be really deep (a few meters). So one can safely jump from the rocks (which we did, lots of fun). There are also small sand beaches, it is really, really nice. We only met a few people, it’s rather quiet up there. But we did talk to a man in his late fifties, who was there with his really sweet dog. He told us, that his son would open a cable-wake-boarding-park near Sacramento next summer. There is apparently no such thing in California yet, it will be the first one west of Texas. I told him it would certainly be a huge success, how would it not?
Anyway: I was too scared to take my camera on the climbing trip to our spot (on the way back, when we knew the right way, we walked not even 20 minutes), so there are only a few pics from before we started hiking down the river. Here they are:
And I took a few more pictures on the four hour drive back to Redwood City:

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