getting lost in San Francisco


This week was Deena’s last day, and I had decided to take one day off, so we could spend one last day together. Our plan was to go to San Francisco, explore a little and take cool pictures. The night before we had picked out some spots we wanted to go to and also had looked up the bus connections, it all looked pretty straightforward. We couldn’t have been more wrong…
First of all, it is a bitch to get to SF from Redwood City by public transport. If you don’t want your bike to be stolen, you’ll walk to the Caltrain station (30 mins) and take the Caltrain. During the day there are only local trains that do all the stops and it takes almost an hour. But that’s still the easy part. The SF bus system is evil. There are not only lines with certain numbers in two different directions, they also differ while going in the same direction. That wouldn’t even be so bad, if the main directions displayed on the actual buses were at least the same as google directions tells you. They’re not. The fact, that many streets are one way streets and two streets with opposite directions are often one block apart does not make it easier.
But in the end we got along with a combination of using google maps on Deena’s iPhone, asking the bus drivers and getting lost anyway. We made it to Crissy field, a beach area close to the Golden Gate Bridge. Especially because this day was crazy hot, the breeze at the beach was very pleasant. And so was the view on the bridge:

The next stop was supposed to be the 16th Ave Tiled Steps Project (, an art project, where a few guys decorated a scarily steep staircase with colourful mosaics. According to our directions, we had to get on a bus close to the Golden Gate Bridge, so we started walking, and soon realized, that it wasn’t at all clear to us, whether the bus stop would be at water level, or up the hill, where the bridge actually begins or whatnot. Inevitably, we kinda got lost and took forever to get on the right bus. At least I had time to take a few pictures:
When we finally arrived at the steps, it was dark… But hey, thanks, to my awesome friends (especially Niklas, who had the awesome idea), I can bring light into the night. At least for a split second. Admittedly, it would have been much nicer, to see the steps in daylight and be able to see the entire pattern, but I can still go back if I really want to. And I was happy to have a good reason to use my flash, that did excellent work:

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