hardly strictly bluegrass

So, this Saturday I made it to San Francisco again. Thanks to some German friends of mine I was not forced to take the train, but they gave me a ride. Actually today is one of the girls’ birthday and originally I was supposed to meet up again with them in the city on Saturday night. Didn’t work out, but I’ll come to that later.
I got dropped off at Mission / Van Ness and I had to get to the Golden Gate Park somehow, cause this weekend there is the “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival” where I was supposed to meet Alanna and Jeremy, two really nice friends of Deena.
I decided to walk to the Golden Gate Park, cause I had lots of time. On the way I passed by Buena Vista Park and of course I couldn’t resist and hiked all the way up, chasing a hopefully amazing view. Well, the view is pretty nice, and while I was shooting I was pretty excited and confident the pictures would turn out to be really good. They turned out to be ok. Honestly speaking, I was slightly disappointed when I looked at them the next day. Maybe it was cause of the sky that was still cloudy at this point, maybe there are just already way to many pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge… Anyway, I still like the ones that I kept in the end, but I would have thought I’d keep more and that they’d be really amazing. These are the keepers:

the last steps to get to the peak at buena vista park

and once more: the golden gate bidge. here as seen from buena vista park

some kind of castle i saw on my way back down from the vista point

I would like to note, that this time I almost did not get lost in San Francisco. Asking people and looking at the maps at bus stations every now and then worked really well. Only finding the entrance to the festival took me a while. But I got to walk through big parts of Golden Gate Park, and took a few pictures on the way:

this arch stands between the de young museum and the california academy of science in golden gate park

lawn in the golden gate park. at this time the weather had turned from cloudy to nice and sunny.

The festival was a lot of fun. Deena’s friends are really sweet, and so are their friends! They shared their wine and blanket with me and on top of that we were even really lucky with the weather. It had been looking like rain in the morning but it turned out to be really nice and sunny. In terms of music, we saw Hugh Laurie and his bluesband, Broken Social Scene from Toronto and the beginning of the Buckethead concert (which in my opinion was pretty boring).

the crowd at the hardly strictly bluegrass festival

Afterwards we headed to a restaurant called Outerlands, recommended by Alanna and Jeremy. We had to wait for more than an hour to get a table, but the food was really delicious!
In the end it was too late for me to meet up with the Germans, cause I needed to catch the last Caltrain back to Redwood City… I’m pretty sure they still had a good time!
I wanna end today’s post with a picture I took while we were waiting outside the restaurant. It’s slightly blurred, but I really like the colors in this one!

night-shot on judah street

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