hanging over

Ok, I admit it, the Sunday after the really long day in San Francisco at the Bluegrass Festival, I felt a liiittle bit hung over. But nevertheless I still succeeded in turning this Sunday into a – regarding the circumstances – successful day. This was realized (I know this makes you cringe, Deena) by
a) getting a burrito, which turns out to be THE BEST hang-over-food there is, and
b) strolling through – the admittedly generally boring – city center of Redwood City about half an hour before sunset and taking pictures.
Especially the fountains in front of the City Hall caught my photographic attention. I like it when after taking photos it is really easy to pick the shots that I like and toss away the ones I will never look at again. So happened in this case, and I will upload all the pictures that I ended up keeping. They’re not incredibly many, but I really like them all!
My next update – by the way – will probably not happen before something like mid-October or later. But then, I’ll be able to report from a hopefully scenic and fun trip pretty far south…

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