roadtrip – santa cruz

our first stop was santa cruz. yeah, that was not really a serious distance to drive, but in our defense: that was not all we did that day. we had the insane plan to drive into san francisco at first, even though we were told that it was fleet week, and the blue angels were giving a flight show in the bay. hardly surprising: the entire city was packed with people and cars and there was no way of finding parking at a remotely reasonable location. on the plus side: we were just stuck in traffic on the golden gate bridge, while one of these fighter jets (recognized by hendrik as a raptor (yeah, nerd)) was performing some actually pretty fucking impressing manoeuvers next to the bridge. i was driving, so no pictures. we abandoned the idea to stop in san francisco pretty soon and headed south to santa cruz. the only pictures i took there were of hendrik at the beach, sorry. at night we met up with ken, a guy we had just met this summer in bonn, pretty funny. he took us to some college student house party, where everyone was really friendly and really underaged. i was really psyched to witness some live beer-pong action for the first time in my life, and was actually getting ready to play myself when the cops came and everybody freaked out and we had to leave though the back door (no joke!). hendrik and i were rather amused (we could have actually stayed, cause we’re old enough to drink) and when we told ken so, he just said: “this is different than germany. cops actually do shit!”

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