roadtrip – morro bay

the second night of our roadtrip we spent in morro bay. as mentioned before: the main reason for this choice not being the touristic attractiveness or anything along these lines, but the low price of the motel. the actual bay of morro bay is, however, quite nice and they have this really well maintained boardwalk along the harbour leading all the way towards the rock and the beach. speaking of the rock: for those who didn’t know: morro rock is what gives the place the name and makes it a somewhat worthwhile stop when traveling along hwy 1. the scenery is, unfortunately, partially destroyed by the power plant that has been built just adjacent to the rock in the bay. i refrained from photographing it (the power plant) but got some quite nice pictures when walking with hendrik down to the harbour and towards the beach when the sun was just about to set. interesting anecdote: we naively assumed that it wouldnt be a problem to get food in a nearby restaurant around 9 pm. that was wrong, everything (!) was closed by that time. well, everything except for domino’s pizza and a liquor store about 2 miles away, so we barely survived…

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