roadtrip – santa barbara

our next stop along the coast was santa barbara, or santa brabrabra, as i like to call it. we actually did not stay here over night, but only stopped on the way to oxnard (cheap motel again).
santa barbara is really pretty, and hendrik liked it too, as i had foreseen. and here it was the first time (at least that i remember) that i realized over how large a distance you can smell an abercrombie & fitch store. it is (no kidding) easily 200 meters, and as you approach, the smell increases from faint, to pleasant (if you like the fragrance), to already too much, to nauseating. seriously, somebody should tell them…
there is this skatepark right at the beach, and i tried to get some action shots of the skaters/bikers doing their tricks. this is far more difficult than it might seem, especially if they are just casually fucking around and you never know when they’re about to do something cool.
this post’s photogallery consists of aforementioned attemps, a random photo of this cute small lighthouse, the inevitable hendrik-tourist-photo, some street art we’ve seen in santa brabrabra and two pictures i took somewhere on the road between morro bay and oxnard (i don’t remember where exactly). have fun!

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