roadtrip – san diego (a tiny bit) and ensenada

i am not going to begin to compare the two roadtrips i have done in california so far, but what is indisputable is the fact, that this time, i got further south than the first time. this sounds a little bit dirty…anyway, the destination had been ensenada from the beginning, and we’re approaching! the trip had been planned in such way, that we’d return our (exaggeratedly large) rental car at the san diego airport and use the shuttle service organized by the conference we were going to attend in order to get to ensenada. that worked pretty well (for us at least. poor mariano…), except that we unfortunately only had like an hour to see san diego. so it’s no surprise that there are only three pictures from san diego in this post’s gallery. not even a photo of hendrik in his tourist-pose!
the shuttle then took us across the border and all the way along the coast to ensenada. or rather, to the conference hotel, which was about 6 miles from the center of ensenada. i don’t want to bore anyone with the details of a physics conference, let me just say: we spent roughly 4 days there, which – considering the fact that technically we were working there – were really pleasant (except for a one-day deli-belly interlude, but the fish-tacos were worth it).
the pictures from ensenada are almost exclusively taken during the conference’s “social event”, for which we drove one hour from ensenada to a region famous for its wine and we got wine and food outside. it pretty much was as exciting as it sounds, but the spot was really pretty and i passed the time taking random photos (again, these fountains…)

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