san francisco with my family

i was lucky enough to have my entire family visit me here in california, i was so looking forward to it! my mom, dad and sister had flown in to LA a little less than two weeks ago and had been exploring Las Vegas and the larger part of the coast in a rental car. the climax of their trip was – obviously – visiting me in the bay area. they had a hotel in san francisco for four nights, and during the weekend i stayed with them in the city. on the first night we headed out to the golden gate bridge, for them to look at it, for me to maybe hopefully get some nice photos. we actually found a really sweet spot to look at the bridge. it’s west of hwy 1, just before it hits the bridge. when you look at the bridge, you have the ocean to your left. as far as the light is concerned, we came just at the right time…
on sunday we wandered along the piers, where i entertained myself with taking pictures of that little on this trampoline-thingy, while my mum and my sister were buying bath salt. the smell around this place was nauseating, let me tell you…
later that day i did – not for the first time – something that i had already done before during my first visit of california, which is to take the elevators of the westin hotel at the union square to the iforgothowmanythmaybe34th floor and get really scared. my dad substituted for small hendrik, i think he really liked it. the view is just really great! unfortunately the windows of the elevator were kinda dirty…

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