the royal arch

a slight and unpleasant hang over on the morning after the halloween party can not be denied. but my buddy andy and i did the only right thing: we fought it. and we did so, with one of the best hikes i have ever had in my life. what made it so good: it was close, for starters. we drove probably not even ten minutes and could instantly hit the trail. the weather was perfect. the length or duration of the hike was just right: long enough to get into it and enjoy it, not too long though (i think it took us about 3 hours in total). and a somewhat steep, partially icy hike was rewarded with an incredible view over the high plain, in which boulder and denver are located. and well, the royal arch itself, which is the rock formation we hiked up to, is pretty impressive!
funny story at the side: we met a guy up there, who just came climbing down the royal arch (as a regularly hiking person who does not seek a premature end of his or her life, one stays below the arch, where the trail ends), without any rope. and it’s really steep up there, the guy would have fallen (had he slipped) easily 30 meters or more. anyways, we started talking to him, and asked him if he wasn’t afraid. he said he wasn’t cause he believed to know what he was doing. he was also – so he said – especially carefully cause 10 days ago, he had had surgery on his collarbone and was climbing pretty much with 1 and a half arms only. he got injured mountainbiking, though…

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