freezing our balls off

pretty much everybody had looked at us as if we were two lunatics, when andy and i told people we were planning on going camping in the mountains. well, granted, doing so at the beginning of november, does not sound like we were going to spend the warmest night of our lives, but ever since it had been mentioned for the first time, we had both fallen in love with the idea and were determined to make it happen. apparently our enthusiasm was contagious, because after it had been looking for half a day like it would be just andy and me, our group suddenly grew to five guys ready to spend a night in the mountains. we actually had problems fitting all the stuff in the car…
so we left boulder around 4 pm after stopping by the supermarket to get brats, ingredients for smores, beer and apple cider that we wanted to heat and mix with the whiskey we had brought from andy’s house (delicioussss!).
our destination was somewhere off cabin creek road, to give you a rough idea. we arrived within the last half hour of daylight, which we used for setting up the tent. that’s why i do not have any pictures of our campsite in daylight, but so what.
we had a truly awesome campfire going on (without which i would most probably have frozen to death), we had hot apple cider with whiskey, tasty local colorado beer, hotdogs, smores, guitar and singing and i saw the milky way for the second time in my life. and i ate half of the worm from a mezcal bottle for the first time in my life. it just tastes like the liquor…
apart from many really awesome memories i brough something else with me from my weekend in boulder: this song has been stuck in my head for the last two days…

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