my ambiguous relationship with the stanford campus

i know, i have been bitching to my friends a lot about all the rich kids at standford (regular students, not grad students! they are all really cool…) and about everything being so clean and tidy and kind of sterile. but then, i must also admit, that the campus is just a really good place to wander around and take pictures. and that’s what i did yesterday and the day before. also, i only took my 50 mm lens, cause i wanted to force myself to not be lazy and zoom, but to have to move and to really think in order to find a good perspective. on top of that i love the big aperture of that lens and the corresponding small depth of field.
unlike many other posts, i named every photo individually this time. some names are really lame, some are so lame that they are funny again and some are kinda ok, i guess.
oh, and funny note: both days i went outside roughly half an hour before sunset, and i was surprised and amused when i realized how many people were doing the same thing (i.e. walking around with their cameras). and i felt a sudden rush of solidarity for my nerdy comrades…

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