spring in bonn

man, that was some long hibernation…but anyway, i’m back from winter sleep and highly motivated to update this site more often, hopefully try out some new stuff every now and then. one thing i started playing around with is hdr. i was initially sick of hdr before even
having produced any hdr pictures myself. but in something like 5 cases out of 100 hdr images can look fucking awesome, so i wanted to at least get somewhat familiar with the technique.
of all the attempts i’ve made, only few are worth showing. one picture that i do like a lot is this shot taken at the rhein in bonn on a really really cold day some time in february.

luckily, by now it is not as cold anymore, but it actually starts feeling like spring. it also doesn’t look so much like winter anymore, as can be seen in the pictures i’ve taken yesterday at the rhein (the first two are hdr images):

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