mediterranean flair in northern italy

ironically, pretty much at the same time that i got my degree and thus am expected to begin my professional life, my dad ended his working days and transitioned to his highly anticipated retirement. on that occasion, he invited the entire family including partners to spend a week of vacation at the Lake Garda. my parents had been there before multiple times and had often told me enthusiastically about the stunning landscape and vegetation and the surprising climate. and they were right, it IS beautiful around the lake! the entire week that we spent there the weather was perfect and if it hadn’t been for the winds that are typical for the area, it had almost been to hot to be pleasant. the six days went past quickly while we went hiking, sight seeing and just hung out at the (shingle) beach. it was really lovely! the only thing i’d wanna criticize about this vacation is that i did not have my motorbike with me. a mistake that i won’t make twice….


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