all the time that deena has been in germany everyone kept telling her how awesome berlin is and that she absolutely has to go there. with her cousin visiting, we finally took the chance and went to the capital for two very pleasant and hot days.
we stayed over at friends of mine who moved to berlin about a year ago. they have a really sweet place and most of all are really sweet themselves, cause they made us feel at home, let us use their bikes and provided very good and helpful advice in terms of activities. we cannot thank them enough!
on the first day, we took a free walking tour (same thing as we did in prague), which is highly recommendable! in the evening, my friend lena took us out for dinner at her favorite singapore restaurant – extremely good! afterwards we sat at the spree in front of the museum island and listened to a street band, which we all liked very much. on the second day we took lena’s and sascha’s bikes and explored a free open air exhibition of the berlin wall, which is spread over a few blocks and is very neatly done and interesting. afterwards we rode the bikes to the siegessäule and the area where all the government buildings are. at night we went out for dinner in kreuzberg, supposedly one of the hippest neighbourhoods at the moment. there we could witness the very young and diverse berlin crowd doing their thing on a thursday night. now deena can’t decide whether she likes hamburg or berlin better…i find them hard to compare, but we sure had a good time in both cities!

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  1. andBerlin says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed Berlin. It’s a great city and there’s lots more to see so I hope you’ll be back.

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