frankfurt and a filter

i just started my real first job after finishing my phd. the offer and my decision for the job only happened about three weeks before i started, so there was not much time to go looking for and finding a place to live. im working somewhat close to frankfurt and since me and my future roommate want to live in a city, we were looking for an apartment in  frankfurt.
also, a few weeks earlier, one of my best friends had shown me pictures of his california roadtrip, including some – in my opinion – super awesome photos of rocky-desert-like scenery for which he used a polarizing filter. i immediately wanted to be able to create the same look too and so i got myself a pol-filter for my standard zoom.
pretty much all the photos of today’s post have been taking with it (a little excessive, but it’s a new toy) while i was moving through frankfurt looking at places. i really, really like the effect you can create with it!
and on another note: we were lucky and could get a decent place in a good location really quickly, so great success!!

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