I know, it’s been long…I’m not gonna apologize, nor explain, nor tell you that from now on I’ll be updating more frequently again and stuff like that. I obviously started the new year with a ton of fresh resolutions – some of which I already started to make happen, by the way – but I’m gonna keep them to myself, where they belong.

Since I’m too lazy to fill the gap between the last post and this post with all the individual posts that I do have material for, I’m going to make this one a timelapse and just fast-forward through an incomplete collection of places I went to and took pictures of.

So: In the year and roughly four months since I’ve published something here for the last time, I have been to (in chronological order):
– Southern France
– Bruges
– Leipzig
– the Frankfurt Fair area (close to my home) at night
– the Eifel (hiking)
– a concert in Euskirchen
– Freiburg (one of my best friends becoming a PhD)
– Japan (Work. And when I say work, I mean work…very little play…)

Below you can find a very brief, somewhat randomly chosen set of photographs from all these occasions.

Hm, now I’m tempted to give away at least a few teasers of things I’ve been thinking of starting and doing in the near future… But I think I’ll refrain from that for now. If any of those ideas should come to live, you will be notified here.

I hope you like some of the pictures. So long!

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