…i’m glad i got this done, because a) it was my task for the week and b) i will be going on a trip tomorrow from which i intend to come back with new pictures and i don’t want my photos to be piling up waiting to be processed.

so, one of my best friends came to visit me in frankfurt, which is great to begin with. apart from having a really awesome weekend, we also went taking pictures. i learned two things on that occasion: 1) i need to shoot people much more often (that is: i really need to actually start shooting people) and 2) i loooove my 85 mm prime lens, it’s the shit.

we took pictures in the dark on the second night niklas was here. it was fucking cold, and we walked a lot, and i realized that i am tired of taking night shots. they still turn it nice sometimes, but somehow it’s always the same. therefore, not so many posts from that night and the few are only photos of niklas taking photos.

on sunday then, we took pictures of each other while walking around close to my home. that was fun and many of the photos – at least i think so – turned out really cool. actually niklas took some really good photos of me, but i feel weird showing pictures of myself here, so it’ll be only him (with his approval of course) and a few other small things.

until next time, with pictures from a place where it’s slightly warmer (really only slightly)…

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