rain in palermo

to start entirely off-topic: i became uncle just while writing this post, yay!! i’m really glad my sister, brother-in-law and nephew are all well and healthy (even though at least one of them has got to be tired as … very tired).

but now: two weeks ago i went to sicily with three friends of mine. one of them is half sicilian, his father emigrated to germany in – i believe – the seventies. his – my friend’s – parents own a house there and his aunt and uncle still live in palermo. that means, that we could stay there for free and have a vacation among locals, which is simply the best way of travelling (according to me).

the week was simply awesome. it was a more than welcome and necessary break from work and everything that’s been worrying me lately. it was great fun, we really laughed a lot. and it was an extremely interesting experience to witness – or let’s say to get a glimpse at – italian family life. most striking to me were the incredible hospitality they showed towards us (compared to us germans: an entirely different league!) and their very different concept of individual privacy.
the week was also a – deliberately planned – break from my usual and not-so-old vegetarian habits. mainly because i wanted to be able to try everything that could potentially be offered to me and also because i don’t wanna be one of those people who are picky about food (when at home i have full freedom to decide what and where i eat, but travelling in a group is different). i have to say: it was definitely worth it. but also: if i’d be fed by my friend’s aunt for more than a couple of days – and this is not to be ungrateful at all!! – it’d be a close race between diabetes and heart-attack…

anyways, i took a shit ton of pictures. for various reasons – quantity being but one – i will only share a fraction of those here. also, i will split the trip into multiple smaller posts starting today with the first day after the day of arrival. i believe that earlier i said something about going somewhere where it’s slightly warmer. well, that was definitely not a lie. however, during the first days there was more rain than i have seen in germany for at least a couple of months.

on the first day – sunday – we took the bus to downtown-palermo – to walk around the city. the weather prevented me from taking out the camera very often and it from becoming a very long walk. we took refuge wheever we could, for example in palermo’s cathedral.

allright, only a few pictures for now, but there’s more to come.

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One Response to rain in palermo

  1. VaMes says:

    Awsome pictures! I had no idea Palermo is so stunningly beautiful! I visited Modica in southeastern Sicily last summer. Absolutely loved it!

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