vancouver – day one (sunday)

it is now a little more than two weeks that i came back from vacation. on my first monday back at work i had NOT forgotten the password to my computer at work. however, sometime last week, when i wanted to log on to my computer AT HOME, i accidentally entered the password for my computer AT WORK. this is clearly going in the wrong direction. which is odd, cause i had a lovely, beautiful and exciting trip, that really did a good job at taking my mind off the job.

so if i needed an excuse – which i don’t – to relive this trip by going through the photos i took, this would be a good one.

me and my dad flew from frankfurt to vancouver to spend two weeks roadtripping on the west coast of british columbia. we came in on a saturday night and pretty much just went to the hotel (and then to another hotel, but that’s another story). so the first day was sunday. we took the bus to the city center to go exploring. at first it was still raining pretty badly, but the rain stopped around noon and later it actually turned out to be pretty nice.

we walked around canada place, went up the harbor centre and passed by the art gallery (i used to know a guy who used to hang out there…). in the evening, we had free dinner at our initial hotel (to which we had returned in the morning, guess why the dinner was free). drinks were not free, so we had to pay a little and when i tipped the waitress, i forgot that gratuity had explicitly not been included. i should have calculated 15% of the entire amount including what we did not have to pay for the food. i just gave 15% of what we paid for drinks. and i only came to think of this because when we left the waitress was noticeably not as friendly as before (and she had been really nice). not rude, but somehow sad. i still feel bad for this, that’s why i’m writing it here.

anyways, of course there are lots of photos from the entire two weeks. there will be updates about more or less each state of the trip, stay tuned.

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