vancouver: day two – granville island, lynn canyon and the harbor

our second day in vancouver brought signifantly nicer weather, a visit to granville island, a trip with the car to north vancouver and a delicioussss dinner at cardero’s.

granville island is really cute, with all its small artisan shops, artist’s studios and the granville island public market. i found one of the two late birhtday gifts that i bought during the trip in a shop there and vancouver showed its multi-cultural soul hands-on when we had mexican food for lunch served by a polish waitress.

later that day we drove over to kitsilano and after that to the north side of the city with the intention to visit the capilano suspension bridge. but things did change since the last time i visited vancouver and the area. i think i did have to pay a little something when i went to the suspension bridge more than ten years ago. but by now, it is not just the capilano suspension bridge anymore, but they built an entire adventure park around it, including a high ropes course and an almost 40 dollar admission rate. we both found that a bit too much for a spontaneous quick visit. so we left and instead took course toward the lynn canyon suspension bridge, which is  – free! we had a nice little hike through the park, which presented a first little glimpse of the rich and thick west coast forests of which we would see a lot more during the two weeks to come.

we rounded off the day with a dinner at cardero’s at the marina next to stanley park. good stuff.

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