vancouver island – tofino

our second destination on vancouver island was tofino, a beautiful, small town right at the west coast of the island. both my dad and i had been very much looking forward to getting there, because apart from the place being famous for its natural beauty, we had booked ourselves into the ocean village – a congregation of little, kinda barrel-like looking wooden cabins right next to the beach. it was so worth it, and so much better than your standard motel.

the highlight of the stay there was a bear-watching tour, provided by remote passages. they took us into the Clayoquot Sound, where the ocean reaches far into the island. at low tide, black bears come to the water’s edge to look for food under the rocks and you can watch them from the boat without intimidating them or yourself. 180 mm was unfortunately by far not enough zoom to get them really close, but then i don’t think that i would have been able to carry (or pay) the lens that would have (been able to do so).

on the day before the bear watching tour, we took a walk through the botanical garden and along the neighboring boardwalk trail through a tiny part of vancouver island’s immense rainforest.

on top of everything, they also have incredibly friendly people in tofino, very good coffee and – naturally – delicioussss seafood.

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