sailing trip in croatia

in october i was lucky to go on a sailing trip in croatia. a good friend of mine – who holds a sailing license – had done the same last year and was going to be the actual captain of one of three boats. and he did a hell of a good job!

on top of that, we were incredibly lucky with the weather. we barely saw a cloud in the sky for the entire time. we started from kastela (basically split). the amazing thing about this region of the adriatic sea is that you don’t really have to go far and still have many harbors, islands and romantic little bays to explore.

apparently, many really rich people seem to agree on that: in the harbors we saw some excessively large yachts.
ours was a 45-feet yacht named loli, pretty much the perfect boat for our purposes. sailing-wise one of the highlights was using a gennaker. and thanks to the captain’s skills and the additional fact that one of the crew members had worked for the german navy for pretty much his entire work life we managed to control it pretty well.

i hope the photos succeed in giving an overall impression of the trip and his atmosphere. ’cause i am not going to go through all the places we went and things we did in detail…

on the last day, we used the time between returning the boat and having to go to the airport to visit the historic center of split. under perfect weather conditions, obviously.

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