vancouver island – arrival

since a roadtrip can obviously not be limited to only one city – regardless of how much i like that particular one – we eventually left vancouver and headed south-west to take the ferry from tsawwassen to swartz bay on vancouver island.

it was sunny, the landscape is gorgeous and we were in a pretty good mood. our first destination on vancouver island was going to be victoria, that’s why we had chosen the most southern ferry connection. this rout takes you through the small, scattered islands between vancouver island and the mainland. there have to be so many hidden beautiful places there… i think it’s a good thing that they’re hidden.

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1 Response to vancouver island – arrival

  1. Deb says:

    Nice pictures! It is a great ferry ride. If you want to see what the small scattered islands you passed are like, you can check out my blog
    We are on Pender Island, 40 minutes from Swartz bay. You are correct that these islands are beautiful!

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