vancouver island – victoria

before i get to the actual topic: i’m always super happy, when people follow, like or comment my posts. i got one comment on the last one, pointing me to another wordpress blog about the life on and the beauty of the small islands between the mainland and vancouver island. check it out, beautiful photos!

our first stop on vancouver island was victoria, BC’s capital. we drove through almost the entire city from north to south to get to our hotel and i was surprised how large victoria is, when you take into account all the residential and industrial areas. the heart of the city is the area around the inner harbor, though. it’s really pretty and has a relaxed, island type of flair.

the same holds true for the hotel we stayed at, the james bay inn. it’s a very well-kept historic building with large rooms and reasonable prices. and located at walking distance from the harbor.

after dinner i went out with my camera and tripod and did some long exposures and exposure bracketing to produce hdrs later. i like ’em, and i hope you do, too!

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1 Response to vancouver island – victoria

  1. Deb says:

    I love the harbor shots. Very nice.

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