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said and done

I had mentioned before, that Stanford’s campus would deserve a photo-tour at some point. Well, I did the first round yesterday and am actually pretty happy with the outcome. This will most certainly be continued. Of course I like good … Continue reading

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getting lost in San Francisco

  This week was Deena’s last day, and I had decided to take one day off, so we could spend one last day together. Our plan was to go to San Francisco, explore a little and take cool pictures. The … Continue reading

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camping at the Yuba river

To go camping in Northern California had been one of Deena’s and my plans all the time. The original plan had – however –  been to do so with Reuben, one of Deena’s friends, who would then also provide camping … Continue reading

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Berkeley – Part 2

Same day as the earlier post, but later that day and completely different scenery. Berkeley is located north of San Francisco (across the Bay to be precise) and also at the foot of and partially on the Berkeley Hills. Going … Continue reading

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Berkeley – Part 1

My sweet landlady Janet luckily was ok with my even sweeter girlfriend Deena staying here at her place with me for a while. Deena knows California pretty well, especially Berkeley, where she took me on our first weekend here. And … Continue reading

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…I have been quiet for the last two weeks, but only cause I had better things to do than writing about what I’ve been doing. But I figured that this website will not work unless every now and then I … Continue reading

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…right up in your backyard…

apart from cures and answers, WE also have black squirrels, humming birds (i thought: fuck, is that a HORNET??)  and supposedly pretty aggressive raccoons in our backyard. looks very peaceful in the morning light, though…

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